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About Binary to Octal online

Convert binary to octal with our online tool. Quickly and easily convert binary numbers to their octal equivalents.


Binary to octal conversion is the process of converting a number in the binary (base 2) numeral system to its equivalent in the octal (base 8) numeral system. The octal numeral system uses the digits 0-7 to represent the numbers 0-7. The process involves grouping binary digits in groups of three (starting from the right) and then converting each group to its octal equivalent. For example, to convert the binary number 11011011 to octal, you would group the digits as follows: 110 110 11. Then you would convert each group to its octal equivalent: 6 6 3, resulting in the octal number 663.

How to use the tool

You can convert multiple binary numbers to octal by entering them on separate line. Click on the Load sample button to see it in action.

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